Arcane reel chaos


Arcane Reel Chaos is a new 5 reel video slot game where you get to play 4 unique characters each with their own special ability allowing you to build decks of your own. If you've never seen this one before, it's pretty much a variation on the classic slots “Reel” theme and is part of the new wave of slots games becoming hugely popular today. It's easy to understand the basics behind the slot machines, the coins that come out, and even the reels themselves. However this isn't a real game, like you're used to.

Let me give you a brief overview. To start with there are two rows of icons on the screen that change depending on which reels are selected. They are solid colored squares with one having a solid color, while the other is either a light blue, purple, or orange. Also on the icon board you'll find a number of different icons as well as a number of random features which can change depending on what's on that particular reel.

The first random feature you'll see is a revolving bar that randomly spins. The colors of these reels will alternate between four stages, being blue for the center stage, then red for the next two stages, purple for the third stage, and lastly orange for the fourth stage. There are a total of eight stages in this slot game. The blue square may change colors as you move through it, but the other four stages remain the same. This is an excellent example of how the random features in a good arcane reel chaos slot game can make a game more interesting and fun to play.

One of the newest random features is the randomly generated coin flip feature. When starting out, you'll notice that these reels are going to be fairly weak. If you have luck on your side though, you can always start out by playing one of the Weak Spots and try them out. This will help you get a feel for the various styles of reels and how they work together. If you like what you see, then by all means continue playing, but it never hurts to try out the other randomly generated coin flips just in case you might change your mind later on.

A neat little feature that is included with each of the Arcane Reel slots is the free spinning reels. There are five on each player card and they all spin at least once per round. Naturally, these five reels all add their own bonuses and multipliers to your score. When you first start out on a new level, you'll notice that after you've won three free spins, your multiplier starts off at two hundred percent. After winning seven free spins, it goes up to four hundred percent! After winning ten, it increases yet again to five hundred percent!

So, since there are five separate and distinct randomly generated reels, you basically have a ball of a time choosing your favourite spin. The Arcane Reel Chaos adds an extra spin to the already excellent action-packed action that this slot machine offers. The unique spinning style is something that people who play this slot machine will definitely appreciate. And when you win, you'll end up winning back not only the maximum bonus but the entire amount of your original investment as well. With all of these amazing features and unlimited amounts of re-spins, the odds are stacked heavily in the players favor whenever they want to bet on Chaos.