Book of atem

Book of Atem Online Casino Game

The Game of Thrones slot machine follows the standard play line payout structure, with ten bet lines. Poker face cards pay for combinations of three or more, while symbols linked to the theme pay for combinations of two or more. There is a maximum stake of 25 credits. The Book symbol can be a substitute for any other symbol to make the game pay out more. Book symbols are not multiplied by the bet line total.

This game is available on most online casinos. It features five reels, three rows, and ten paylines. It is easy to set up and play, thanks to its straightforward design and gaming controls. To begin, select the amount of money you’d like to stake. After you’ve set your preferred stake, you can start spinning! The Book of Atem game is a fun and profitable one. The theme is based on ancient Egypt.

The Book of Atem combines the ancient Egyptian setting with a modern twist. The card symbols are decorated with small lotus blossoms. Other symbols include fierce lanner falcons and striking cobras. The Pharaoh is the most valuable symbol, illustrated as a golden book of Atem. The game’s themes are rooted in history and mythology, and the characters’ motivations are deeply personal. There are few cliches to distract the player.

The Book of Atem is a powerful tool for creating magic. By combining traditional ritual sensibilities with modern concepts like neurolinguistics and memetics, Farber has created a new entity, Atem. By activating Atem’s essence, readers can invoke magical entities of all kinds. The Book of Atem is a definitive manual on evocation and has exercises for every type of magical entity imaginable. So, what’s next?