Are you a fan of video games, especially games with graphics? If you are then you would be pleased to know that one great game on the market right now is Flower. In this game, you will use real flowers, along with balloons and boxes to fill up holes in three dimensional objects in the game.

Flower slots is new slot machine coming from Net Entertainment (Netscape). In this game, you are required to place your coins on the spin dial to make different patterns on the flowers. The more coins you place on the dial the more colorful and unique, your flowers will be. In addition to this, winning is dependent on the number of coins you have on the spinning wheel, and the color and design of the flowers.

The main game play of this game is to create unique and creative patterns using a myriad of flowers and boxes on the slots. You can use any kind of flower or box in this game. To win you just need to create unique patterns on the reels. In addition to this, if you hit on the “max win” icon on the main menu, you will be presented with a special prize that is worth millions of coins.

This is one of many NetEvent games available online for you to play. Other popular slots games include: Penny Slot, Lotto Max, Flash Slot, and Hi-Lo Power Slot. All these games have excellent graphics, exciting music, and professional audio tracks. Although you can turn the volume down on your phone or television, there is usually no effect on the reels of the slot machine games.

To play the game, you need to choose the flower and the color of the box on the slots machine display screen. There are two types of flowers that are used in this game. First, you can opt to play with the “Halo” flower and the “Star” flower. You will notice that both the flower and the number of coins in the number slot are green. The value of these coins will always be the same. When you bet and place your bet, it will add the appropriate amount of “Halo” or “Star” to the total coin value on the reels.

This is one of the casino game features that you will surely love playing. Its design allows the player to maximize his winning potentials by choosing numbers that have higher chances of being filled with real flowers or jackpot. Even though the actual payout of the slot machine is quite low, it can help you increase your winnings in other ways such as through the casino's bonus points or through the jackpot resetting. If you want to take your chances in winning bigger amounts, then you may try out this game.